Rice belongs to the species of cereals, just like wheat, rye, spelt and so on.

It is one of the most important staples on earth. Originally rice is from China, but nowadays it is also growing in India and many South East Asian Countries. Rice is considered as the staple in most of the Asian Countries and each person is eating around 90-to 150 kg of rice every year.

Compare to Asia, the consumption of rice per person in Austria in 2015/16 was less than 5 kg.

Also in Africa they grow rice, but the income is a way less than the income of the Asian rice.

Next to pasta, fries or bread- rice is very low on calories. But there are differences between various types of rice. Out of thousand different rice species, they distinguish 19 types. Mainly it is categorized in long-grain rice, round- grain rice and medium-grain rice. Below, we want to mention three types of rice.Rice

Natural rice is getting trashed, dried and hulled after the harvest. But this kind of rice doesn’t get peeled, so it keeps its silver skin in which are all the good minerals and vitamins. Natural Rice is also known as brown rice or wholemeal rice.

White rice is getting grind and loses its silver skin and the seedling. Compare to the natural rice, the white rice is nutrient poor but last for longer.

Parboiled rice is white, peeled and polished. The procedure of parboiled rice is, that after the harvest paddy rice will get threshed, dried and process into parboiled rice with a special cooking method. With this method, water soluble ingredients will get into the endosperm. The silver skin gets removed, but certain amounts of vital substances will be still preserved, which makes it healthier than white rice, but not as rich of vital substances than natural rice.

The traditional Chinese medicine says, that rice has also a healing effect. Rice grains are helping to reduce the blood pressure, helps to have a regular digestion and a dehydrating effect.

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We hope that today you have learned something new about rice.