Rice and its contribution to health

The latest Blog post informs you already a few general things about rice, for example the difference between white, -brown and parboiled rice. Also, the fact that the annual consumption of rice in Austria is not more than 5 kg per person, whilst in Asian countries the annual consumption is around 150 kg per person.

But today we want to have a deeper look why rice supports our health system and what kind of vitamins are in it.

Like already mentioned in the previous post, the traditional Chinese medicine says that rice has a healing effect to our bodies. Rice grains support a proper digestion. Also, it contains a certain amount of potassium which helps to reduce the blood pressure and drain our body. But also, other parts of the rice will help our health system, for example the roots which has an antiperspirant effect. The sprouts are appetizing and strengthen the stomach. Those special rice blossoms are also used in some cosmetic products or toothpastes.

According to the Chinese medicine, the rice coat has a healing effect against jaundice and the stalks against bilious complains. A tea made from rice straw is good for rheumatic diseases.

Rice contains a high proportion of B vitamins, which are mainly in full grain rice. Vitamin B1 is supposed to be good for the nerve system and vitamin B3 supports the power of concentration. Vitamin B6 helps to heal wounds faster and vitamin B6 to supports the amino acid metabolism.

Also important is the variety of mineral substances. As already mentioned, potassium is good to regulate the blood pressure. The amount of magnesium is important for muscles and the heart and phosphor helps the bone metabolism.  Rice also contains iron, which is important for the oxygen transport and copper, which support our nerve system.


It is amazing how much goodness is inside a rice grain and how also other parts of the rice being used to support our health system.


And if you like to know a few key facts about rice, just have a look at the last blog post which you can find right here: Rice


We wish you a wonderful day!


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This was: Rice and its contribution to health