Raisin rolls from wholemeal flour

Hello and greet you (:

It’s me again, your Berti! After I have shown you some time ago my so good Vollkornweckerl recipe, I would now like to tell you about another delicacy: I have discovered a recipe for raisin b uns, which is the sweet counterpart to the whole wheat buns!

So that’s where I made myself whole wheat raisin rolls the other day for my mice breakfast. Here is the recipe for you:

Mix 850g whole wheat flour (here it would be best to use whole wheat flour) with 80g dissolved yeast, 300g coarsely chopped nuts (hazelnuts or almonds), 200g raisins, a pinch of salt, 500ml water and 200ml buttermilk and knead into a dough.

I then let the dough rise for a few minutes and then shaped it into 3 medium sized rolls. I spread them with a little milk and baked them in the oven at 250°C.

Mmmh – I ate the raisin rolls with some jam and my mice breakfast was thus quasi perfect (:

So for anyone who wants a good raisin roll for breakfast, give this recipe a try!

All love, your Berti

And here’s the recipe for the fresh whole wheat crackers.

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