Quality on part payment

We are happy to help you realize your desire for quality….

Please contact us by email at info@agrisan.at

because whoever buys cheap often buys dearly …

  • If you are looking for a suitable grinder for a growing family,
  • if you don’t know how much flour you might need in the future,
  • if you prefer to grind with  natural stone rather than artificial stone,
  • if you do not know whether in the future you may need to grind the hard, large grains for gluten-free flour,

Do not save on a sensible purchase in the wrong place!

Quality has its price, and with a good grinder you can enjoy and last longer.

“Better to buy something better, something bigger and with enough capacity than save and regret it later”…. that should also be your thinking about your mill.

If you are already thinking about tomorrow today and planning carefully, then it could be that the current budget is insufficient.

We will be happy to help you realize your mill wish – without surcharge, without interest, without a complicated loan agreement.


You email us or give us a call and tell us how you would like to pay for your mill.

Together we will discuss the possible payment plan for you – without a credit intermediary, without a bank.

For us it makes a difference whether you make a long-lasting and sensible investment for your health in partial amounts or invest in  short-lived, fashion-dependent luxury goods.

We are happy to help you, easily and without problems!

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