Purification and purer skin

Every spring, many people think about how to get their figure back in shape and their body back in shape after the winter. A cleanse is healthy for the body and brings new energy. The resolution set at the beginning of the year should now finally be implemented. Often this is not so easy and you postpone your resolutions until the next year. With the following tip you do not make a purification cure, but it is very easy and quick to implement.

Now the tip, how you can purify your body a little bit and get a cleaner skin as a side effect: Put a glass of water on your bedside table in the evening before going to bed and squeeze half a lemon into it. It is important not to take a concentrate, but really a fresh lemon, preferably organic. The next morning, immediately after waking up, drink the lemon water on an empty stomach. If you do this for a few days, you will do something good for yourself and you will feel more energetic and start the day with more vigor. In addition, daily exercise in the fresh air is recommended.

This tip is a small contribution to how you start the spring after the winter break with a feeling of freshness and momentum.

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