Proper handling of grain

In today’s blog post, you’ll learn how to handle grain properly: What’s the best way to store grain? How to prepare it? What else should you pay attention to?

The first and possibly most important point is that your grain is “organic” and if possible comes from Austria (or the respective home country). Grain is best stored in an airy, dry place and should be in constant motion. Dry grain is the most important prerequisite for preventing mold growth.

There are no limits to the preparation of cereals. For example, you can grind it directly with a
Salzburg grain mill
grinder. Depending on the fineness setting, you will then get fine flour or meal. For really fine pastries or cakes, the freshly milled flour can additionally be sifted out.

Proper handling of grain

If you want grains as a side dish, stuffing, in the form of loaves/browns, etc., pay attention to the following:

First of all, you should wash the grain. The whole grains are then soaked for between three and ten hours. For buckwheat, millet, rice and polenta soaking is not necessary, but of course possible.

The subsequent cooking time and the amount of water required vary depending on the type of grain. As a general rule, however, never cook the grain on high, but rather let it simmer. If you have enough time, you can leave the grains to soak for another half hour after cooking.

What else should you pay attention to when handling grain?
Salt as well as fresh herbs and ground spices are added to the grain dish only at the end. Spice seeds such as anise, caraway, fennel or coriander, on the other hand, can be cooked in. And in order to better absorb the fat-soluble vitamins from cereals, cereal dishes should be prepared with a little oil.

We wish you good luck in implementing the tips!

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