plastic everywhere – Berti is very upset

plastic everywhere – Berti is very upset

Hello everybody,

today Berti does not have a recipe for you, but with a topic that is of great importance. I’m a critical and environmentally friendly Berti. And also pretty shocked!

Recently, I was on the internet and clicked through the websites of some environmental protection organizations. I cannot believe how much disposable plastic ends up in our seas! And not only the seas, but also cities and forests are covered with plastic.plastic everywhere - Berti is very upset

A lot of volunteers from environmental protection organizations have collected and analyzed plastic worldwide. It has been found that the plastic comes mainly from take-away packaging, plastic cups and beverage bottles. In the analysis, they also found out of which manufacturers the plastic waste comes from: they are companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestlé[1].

Something has to be done! In addition, plastic does not only pollute our earth. Finally, the plastic also comes into our body. This is not only due to the foods that are packed in plastic (beverage bottles, dairy products, sweets etc.). But also by the fish and seafood, which lives in the “plastic-dirty” seas and which are then eaten by many people as a dish for lunch or dinner.

And for exactly this reason and because sustainability is important to the Salzburg grain mills, they also have grain mills that are almost without plastics. Because many people asked for it, they build mills in which flour and grain does not come into contact with plastic.

*Of course, power cables and switches and various parts in the lower housing of the mill (engine compartment) cannot be waived.

However, it is important that where the flour is ground, grain and flour only meet wood, stainless steel and granite. Seals are made of rubber or felt – completely natural materials.

I think that’s great, what the Salzburg grain mills are doing there and at the same time I’m still shocked, what is done to our earth with all the (packaging) plastic.

See you soon,

your upset Berti

>>Here you can have a look at the grain mills containing no plastics* 



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