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Breakfast idea Overnight Oats

With Overnight Oats you really save time in the morning, and yet you have a very nutritious and healthy breakfast.

But why soak oatmeal for so long? Oatmeal contains phytic acid and this disappears when the oatmeal is allowed to swell. Phytic acid binds important minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. These minerals cannot be absorbed into the body if the oatmeal has not been soaked.

If you want to save extra time, you can also mix twice the amount of the mixture for 2 days. You can also eat breakfast on the go if you prepare it in a tightly sealed jar.


overnigth oats

  • Oat flakes or spelt flakes freshly flaked with the Salzburg flake master
  • Soy milk or other vegetable drink (almond drink, coconut drink, oat drink…)
  • Cinnamon, vanilla
  • chopped cashew or hazelnuts
  • 1 banana
  • Honey, maple syrup
  • (See preparation for more topping ideas)


In the evening, process the oats or spelt into fresh flakes using the Salzburger Flockenmeister. Then put in a glass or a nice bowl with the cinnamon or vanilla and the nuts and leave to swell overnight with the plant drink. Follow approximately the rule of thumb 1 part flakes and 3 parts liquid (1:3). You should put the breakfast in the refrigerator afterwards, so that the oatmeal can absorb the liquid well in the long time.

The next morning, the oatmeal is perfectly soaked and you can dress it up with a variety of toppings. There are truly no limits to your desire and creativity. The mashed banana mixes very well into your breakfast porridge and gives you a natural sweetness. However, if it’s still not sweet enough for you, spice up your breakfast with some honey or maple syrup.

Nuts, chia seeds, raisins, coconut flakes, cashew nut or dried fruit not only taste delicious, but also provide beautifully garnished for a feast for the eyes. Fresh fruits such as berries, apples or mango are especially delicious. To create a chocolaty note, you can also use some cocoa powder.

As you can see, there are no limits to your mood and the many possible variations mean that your breakfast will never get boring again.

We wish you a good start to the day!

If you want to know more about oats, click HERE!

HERE you will find a recipe for delicious oatmeal cookies.


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