Our MT 18 on television

Imagine this: our Salzburg grain mills are getting around so much that they are now also appearing on Russian TV. Some time ago on the main Russian TV channel there was a documentary about rye bread. One of our customers was featured as an expert with the Salzburg MT 18!

If you also want to see our TV star, then we have the link for you here (from minute 4:30):


Nice to see our MT 18 on TV, even if most of us don’t understand a word (;

Bye for now!

P.S. A long-time customer of ours brought her Salzburger grain mill in for service after 40 years! But see for yourself: https://www.getreidemuehle.com/de/eine-40-jahre-alte-salzburger-getreidemuehle-ist-das-erste-mal-beim-service/

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