Just yesterday I read an article about oats. Oats are becoming more and more trendy again, especially among athletes and nutrition-conscious people. The article can be read in the bioMagazine of February/March 2017 (70th issue, 01/2017) and provides useful information. Oats

Nowadays, less oat grain is grown in Austria than about 90 years ago, but more emphasis is placed on quality. Oats are grown mainly in the Mühlviertel and Waldviertel regions and in the Alpine foothills. The oat plant itself has widely branched roots, which is why it is rich in nutrients and also resistant to diseases and weeds. Once the oats are harvested and hulled, the kernels can be used in many ways. Most of you probably know the oats in the form of flakes. With oatmeal you can easily make your own bread, muesli, bars and cakes.

Only homemade, fresh flakes are wholesome and contain valuable vital substances. That’s why SELF FRESH FLOCK is so important. The Salzburger Flockenmeister flakes not only oats, but also other cereals, linseed, poppy seeds and much more. The flakes retain their consistency and do not crumble.

So, in addition to being easy and quick to prepare, the oat cereal is also a source of vitamins and minerals. The various vitamins in oats have a restorative effect on red blood cells, bones, hair, nails and teeth. In addition, oats help reduce inflammatory processes and strengthen the immune system.

If you want to learn more about a gluten-free grain, here’s a post on amaranth, the pseudocereal (:


You must be stung by the oats, too? in: bioMagazin für ein einfach besseres Leben, 70th issue, (February/March 2017), pp. 20-22.

https://www.getreidemuehle.com/de/shop/salzburger-flockenmeister/ (03/28/2017)

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