Oats – purchase and storage

In the article about the “nutrient-rich oats” we informed you about the ingredients of oats and that they are very versatile. You can read more about it HERE >>

But today we want to give you useful information regarding the purchase and storage of oats.

Oats – purchase and storage

PurchaseOats - purchase and storage

First of all, we would like to point out that if you buy oats from conventional farms, they usually contain pesticide residues. Therefore, we recommend that you always buy oats and also oat products in organic quality.

The product descriptions of oats in the trade can be very different. For example, hulled and dehulled oats (also spelt oats) have already been heated and are therefore no longer germinable. Naked oats or oats in raw form/raw food quality, on the other hand, have not been heated, would still be germinable and are also particularly rich in ingredients.

Depending on how you want to process and use your oats (for example, either as fresh grain muesli or heated as porridge), you can resort to either of the two forms of oats mentioned (spelt or naked oats).


Whole grains of oats can be kept for a particularly long time if stored properly. Oats keep best at room temperatures, when they are dry, when they are stored in an airtight container, and when they are not exposed to direct sunlight.

A particularly long and successful storage is possible especially with the whole grains. Of course, oat flakes and bran can also be stored, but here we recommend that you grind them fresh. This way, most of the ingredients are preserved.

We hope you learned something from today’s article and we wish you a wonderful day!


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This was: Oats – purchase and storage

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