Oatmeal cookies and oatmeal cookies from Berti

Hello together!

It’s me again – your Berti. Well, are you also looking forward to Christmas so much? I’m so happy and I already got all the presents for my mice friends and mice family. Plus, all the Christmas cookies I baked are tucked away, ready to go, in the cookie jars. Hidden they are because otherwise I would have eaten them all by Christmas.

Last time I tried two new recipes with oats. Mmmh, but they turned out well. Oat cookies from whole oat flour and oat cookies from fresh o atmeal were! Here, of course, I have the recipes for you:

Oat cookies made from whole oat flour:

For the oat cookies, crumble 260g of freshly ground oat flour with 60g of butter. Then add 120g of ground hazelnuts, one egg, 100g of honey and one level teaspoon of baking powder. Knead everything into a dough. Roll the dough and cut out the cookies, the shape of the cookies is of course up to you. Before you put them in the oven, the oatmeal cookies need to be brushed with a little milk. Bake the cookies at 180°.

Oatmeal biscuits made from fresh oatmeal:

First, grind 200g of oats (coarse) and toast them with a little butter. Mix another 80g of butter with an egg and 5 tablespoons of honey. Then squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and also add 100g of grated almonds and the already cooled oat-butter mixture. Add a tablespoon of flour (you can keep some oat flour from the oatmeal cookies, for example) and some baking powder. To finish the oatmeal, place small heaps of the mixture on a baking tray lined with baking paper. The biscuits are baked at 180°.

I baked both the oatmeal cookies and the oatmeal cookies until they were already lightly brown and I felt they were done baking. Then, after they cooled, I put them in cookie jars and hid them, as I told you before.

If you also try the cookies and busserl, then I wish you a lot of fun with it and also wonderful Christmas!

All love,

Your Berti

PS. Here is the link to my Linzer Eye cookie recipe.

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