The nutrient-rich oats

The oat – colloquially in Southern Germany, in Austria and in Switzerland also sometimes called Haber – is one of the most nutrient-rich among the cereals. Botanically, oats belong to the sweet grass family and there are about 25 species of oats. Thanks to its widely ramified roots, it is not only very rich in nutrients but also resistant to diseases and can grow quite undemandingly even on less fertile soils.

Whether flaked as fresh grain porridge or cooked as porridge, ground as flour, processed in granola bars, cookies or other baked goods, oats can be prepared in quite a variety of ways. We will not go into the question of whether oats are gluten-free in more detail here, as we do not want to give a definite answer due to differing opinions on this.

The nutrient-rich oats

It is above all its ingredients that make oats so special. Basically, when oats are flaked, they are made into whole grain oat flakes. This in turn means that the outer layers of the grain are preserved, which are full of important nutrients. An example of this would be the
Dietary fibre
*, which keep you full for a long time and stimulate digestion. Also secondary plant substances like Antioxidants and polyphenols, which can have very positive effects on the body, are also contained in oats. Oats are also said to have a beneficial effect on blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Not to forget the includedThe nutrient-rich oats

  • proteins (with between 13 and 15 g per 100 g of oats),
  • vitamins (especially biotin and other B vitamins valuable for the nervous system) and
  • Minerals (especially the high amounts of zinc and iron).

We see, oats are really full of important nutrients that can have a very positive effect on our body. We also think it just tastes really good. Especially in the form of fresh Flakes or finely ground and baked.

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*For more info on fiber,
click here >>


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That was: The nutrient-rich oats

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