Nutritional recommendations without references?

 Nutritional recommendations without references?

Hello, it’s Berti again – but this time a Berti who is really upset. I looked around a little on the internet while doing my research and noticed that the World Wide Web is full of nutritional recommendations. But do the authors of these recommendations really have any idea about nutrition?

There are so many celebrities, who bring their alleged knowledge about nutrition among the masses, without actually showing scientific evidence. Without providing references, they provide nutritional tips that promise weight loss and detoxification. What I’m asking myself is: Do the celebrities really live the way they recommend it in their “words of wisdom”?Nutritional recommendations without references?

What really upsets me about it is that the nutritional recommendations are very often not focused on sustainability, animal husbandry, seasonality, production, etc. I, as a nature- and animal-loving Berti, who pays attention that food is regional and seasonal, does not find that this is a good thing!

That too much alcohol, sweets, caffeine, etc. are not good for the body, one can agree – as Paracelsus said, the dose is known to make the poison. But if celebrities recommend for example to not eat red meat, I ask myself the questions: what do they eat instead? Maybe the in mass raised chicken? And what quality does the meat have that they actually eat?

When I find recipes concurring with the nutritional recommendations which for example recommend summer vegetables in winter, I have to wonder where the deeper meaning of the whole thing is here.

So what I want to share with you today: stay critical on nutritional recommendations and look for references. I personally will pay attention to sustainability, seasonality etc. in my diet.

See you soon and have a nice day,

your Berti



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This was: Nutritional recommendations without references?

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