Nutrition recommendations without sources and profundity?

Nutrition recommendations without sources and profundity?

Hello, it’s your Berti again – but this time a horrified Berti. That’s when I did a little research on the Internet and found that the World Wide Web is full of dietary recommendations. But do the authors of these recommendations really know about nutrition?

There are so many celebrities of varying degrees of fame who bring their supposed knowledge of nutrition to the masses without actually having any solid evidence to back it up. Without citing sources, they give tips about nutrition, with which they promise weight loss and purification. What I ask myself is: do the celebrities really live the way they recommend in their recurring “wisdom”? Nutrition recommendations without sources and profundity?

The thing that appalls me about this is that very often, however, dietary recommendations do not consider sustainability, animal husbandry, seasonality, manufacturing, etc. I, as a nature-conscious, animal-loving, Berti, who makes sure that food is regional and seasonal, don’t think that’s particularly great!

That too much alcohol, sweets, caffeine, etc. are not good for the body, you can already agree – because as Paracelsus said, as is well known, the dose makes the poison. But if A or B celebrities are now recommended to give up red meat, for example, I ask myself: what do they eat instead? Maybe the chicken meat from mass farming? And then what is the quality of the meat they actually eat?

If I find then to the nourishing recommendations still prescriptions, in which e.g. in the winter summer vegetables are to be processed, I must already grasp myself on the head and ask myself, where the deeper sense of the whole is here.

So what I want to give you today: stay critical of nutrition recommendations and look to see if sources are given. I will be mindful of whole foods, sustainability, seasonality, etc. in my diet and will obtain sound knowledge from trustworthy sources.

See you soon and have a nice day,

Your Berti


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That was: nutritional recommendations without sources and profundity?

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