No more wasting food

Is that even possible? Well, it is clear that it can happen to anyone once that one or the other fruit, vegetable or yogurt begins to mold or go bad without us noticing. However, if we have a very conscious approach to food, food waste can be kept to a minimum. Today we have valuable tips for you on how to stop wasting food.

We, in Western countries, live in food abundance. Not only that there is always everything in the supermarkets at any time, but also that we can buy products of the best quality – for example, without imprint marks. We find this quote from Global 2000 very meaningful and therefore want to share it with you:

Around one-third of food, or 1.3 billion tons per year, is thrown away along the value chain worldwide. If the EU estimate of 180 kilograms per inhabitant and year is applied to Austria, that is 150 fully loaded semitrailer trucks full of food that are lost every day.

And for this reason, we hope that you can and will implement these tips: No more wasting food

When shopping

  • Buy only as much as you really need. Think about how the coming days might go and rather go shopping one more time. Otherwise, you can also stock up on frozen veggies or dry foods like pasta or lentils so you still have something at home should you not get to the grocery store right away.
  • Resist temptation and don’t be tempted by offers like “take 3, pay 1” that may have you buying products you don’t actually need.
  • Be open to buying “not-so-nice and flawless vegetables or fruits” as well. A crooked carrot tastes just as good (;
  • Often in refrigerated departments, you’ll find bins of products that are half price because they’re about to expire. Also like to grab there from time to time.

At home

  • To prevent food from spoiling so quickly at home, it is important to store it properly. For food storage we have
    another blog post for you >>
  • The best-before date for, for example, purchased spreads, yogurts, etc., indicates that the product is sound until that date. But this does not mean that from then on it is spoiled and inedible. Theoretically, you can still eat this food on your own responsibility, but of course you should look, smell and taste it beforehand to see if it is still good.
  • Leftover food from the previous day can simply be added to the next dish. For example, simply add leftover rice to the following day’s vegetable skillet or use leftover spreads to dress up.

Let’s help together and try to implement these tips to counteract food waste and keep it as low as possible!

P.S. Our last tip: With overripe bananas you can easily conjure up a juicy banana bread.
Here we have a recipe for you >>



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