Natural Stone? Yes!

Butter on plate

Butter on plate

For thousands of years people have used natural stones to grind grain – however, nowadays natural milling stones have become quite rare!

Usually traders only offer mills with man-made corundum-ceramic mill stones and that is why there is so little information on natural stone available. At the same time false facts are in circulation.

In principle there are either natural stone or man-made milling stones. You will often find the description “Natural Stone Mix”. This could mean milling stones made from a mixture of natural and man-made materials. However that is not the case. Such mill stones are always made from man-made material. 

The production of man-made mill stones has the advantage that the production is cheaper, little or no manual processing is necessary and assembly in the mill takes considerably less time than with natural stones.

Nevertheless we have always followed our conviction and continue to also use natural stones. We now wish to use this site to give you an idea of the experience we have gained over 35 years and to introduce you to the positive characteristics of mill stones made from natural granite.

We believe that the best way to inform you of these characteristics is for us to use this website to publish letters we have received from our customers telling us of their experiences and opinions on the natural milling stones used in our mills.

We are doing this because, as many of our customers, are convinced by our granite milling stones.
However, there are no scientific expert opinions to back the general validity of the experiences gained by our customers. Customer experience can simply not be backed up by scientific evidence such as:

  • the fact that use of flour milled with natural mill stones results in different baking characteristics from that milled with man-made mill stones
  • flour milled with natural stones has different energetic properties
  • the different reactions of the body for example to abrasive particles caused by milling with natural or man-made stones and also to allergic reaction to the same
  • that our natural granite stones are extremely durable and even when small stones in the grain are milled they are less subject to break-out than the corundum-ceramic stones used by us

Our customers continually send us interesting information among many others on the energetic properties, the spectral colours of flour processed by natural stones

Kinesiology experts and alternative circles that use the methods and mediums at their disposal to carry out quality checks send us their praise. Experienced bakers, excellent chefs and inspired housewives send us reports on the baking characteristics of natural stone flour, which we greatly appreciate.

We therefore prefer to use this website to publish letters from those customers who either recently began milling with natural stones or from those who have been doing so for more than 30 years.

We hope that you will take time to read some of the opinions of our „Millers with our Salzburger Natural Stone Mills”

Stop to consider: Which material was used to construct many of the monumental buildings on earth? Granite!

Reports on the opinions and experiences of our customers who mill with natural mill stones:

MT5naturalstoneDear Mrs Thurner,

For some time now we have been using your Natural Stone Mill MT 5.
I didn’t believe it possible that a mill for household purposes would result in such excellent flour quality.
We mainly use spelt – but also other types of grain such as rye, amaranth, sometimes corn, wheat etc.- the resulting cakes have proven themselves to be far better.
Not only better in taste, they rise much more when baking. My wife says that cakes rise better than when produced with conventional bought flour.

I am glad that we chose your natural stone mill especially when friends of ours – who use a mill of a different brand – remarked „Our flour is not as fine. Are you really sure you didn’t buy it?” In a trial run we then proved that our flour was processed in our mill!

As energetics expert I noticed that the flour processed in these mills still „has life in it“. I am glad we decided to invest in a mill with a natural stone milling mechanism, as it is obvious that it is only by using nature itself that you will get natural food!

I hope that many more people will come to enjoy such pleasure,
I wish you all the best for the future

Thomas Fuhrmann
Cranio Sacral Omnipath
8291 Burgauberg