Natural stone instead of corundum-ceramic stones

Salzburger grain mill max without plastics grinding stone
Salzburger Grain Mills – Granite Grinding Stone

For thousands of years people have used natural stones to grind grain –, however, nowadays natural milling stones have become quite rare!
Granite is quarried in nature – the millstones are without binding agents – pure nature!
In more than 40 years, we have not known of any breakage of the stones or breakage of stone particles.

In the trade, usually only mills with artificial grinding stones made of corundum ceramics are offered.
These consist mainly of aluminium oxide and silicon dioxide.

It is therefore obvious why there is little information available on natural stone grinders.
In some cases, deliberate misinformation is also circulating. One such is that natural stones become slippery after just a few years and require expensive regrounding.
We can prove that natural stones grind for decades without any processing!

For this reason, we also guarantee that we will re-cut all natural stones free of charge within 12 years if this should be necessary. Is there a better guarantee?
In addition, we guarantee a service life of 24 years for the millstones! *
We cannot give a guarantee that we will regrind corundum stones or replace broken corundum ceramic stones free of charge.

Basically, there are only either natural or artificially produced grinding stones. You will often find the description “Natural Stone Mix”. This could mean milling stones made from a mixture of natural and man-made materials. However that is not the case. There is no naturally grown corundum which is used for the production of the so-called corundum ceramic grinding stones. These are therefore exclusively artificially produced millstones.

The production of man-made mill stones has the advantage that the production is cheaper, little or no manual processing is necessary and assembly in the mill takes considerably less time than with natural stones. There is also no need for manual processing (except in the case of custom-made products). Furthermore, the installation in the mill is much less time-consuming than is the case with natural stones.

We would like to share the positive qualities of natural stone with you by publishing letters on this website in which our customers share their experiences and opinions with us.

However, for many of the experiences that our customers have, there are no scientific expert opinions that would prove the general validity of these experiences. There is simply no scientifically verifiable evidence of customer experience,

  • according to which the baking behaviour of the natural stone ground flour is different from that of the artificial millstone,
  • the natural stone powder behaves differently in terms of energy,
  • how abrasions of the artificial stone or the natural stone behave in the body and how, for example, allergy sufferers react to the abrasions,
  • that our natural stone granite is extremely durable and even in the case of grinding of small stones in the ground material, it behaves more resistant to breakage than the corundum-ceramic grinding stones we used in the past

However, we always receive interesting information from our customers about the energetic behaviour, the spectral colours of the natural stone flour and much more.
We get praise from kinesiologists and alternative circles who use the tools and methods at their disposal to test the goodness of products. Experienced bakers, excellent chefs and enthusiastic housewives also tell us about the baking properties of natural stone ground flour, which we are very pleased about.

We would be pleased if you would take the time to read some of the opinions of our “millers with Salzburg natural stone mills”.
Think about it: what were many of the most monumental structures on earth built from? Granite!

To grind with natural stone…. A good feeling!

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