Repair Service

We strive to carry out repairs on current mill types as quickly (within 7 days) and economically as possible

We will check your mill free of appraisal charge and will subsequently inform you without any business tactics completely openly whether the mill is worth repairing. This is the case in 99% of the repair tests carried out.

It is only seldom that we advise our customers to purchase a new mill because good motors will run “for ever” and our corundum-ceramic milling stones can be replaced. Natural stone milling stones are re-ground. After this service your mill will work like new!

Especially with mills which have been in service for 20 or 30 years and are then sent in to us, it is often necessary for us to produce small wooden parts separately. In this case somewhat longer waiting periods may occur. – especially before Christmas.

We will of course inform you about the exact costs involved before beginning the repair work.

We request you to pack your mill very carefully for dispatch. Any packing material such as cushioning etc. will of course be returned.
We also request you to include information on the problems you are having with your mill and also your telephone number..

Warranty claims are of course completely free of charge for you.

Here our address:

Gsteigweg 25
A 5400  Hallein

Tel. 0043 6245 83282