The Materials


alleinstehende bucheDo you find it important that your mill is constructed as far as possible from natural materials?

Being bound to tradition we maintain old valued and therefore strive to keep the construction of our mills as natural as possible. We deliberately keep the use of man-made materials as low as possible, especially on all parts that come into contact with the flour.
Our mill housings are made from solid, naturally grown beech-wood.

Milling chamber and funnel are both very near to our hearts because the freshly milled flour has its first contact with the outside world in the milling chamber.

Keep your “eyes wide open!” when buying a mill. Be sure to have a good look at the inside of the mill.

Ask yourselves too, whether you prefer a mill housing made from wood, multiplex ply-wood or plastic.

Solid wood means: Naturally grown wood (e.g. beech wood, maple etc.)

Which treatment should the wood of your mill be given?
In accordance with our basic rule “Treat natural things naturally” for protection of the outer surfaces of the wooden housing we use high quality biological beeswax. A joy to smell!

The wood of the funnel and the milling chamber naturally stay completely untreated