As probably most of us know, there are a lot of nutritional rules and tips in our modern times. And that is basically a good thing. Because not for nothing we have nutritionists who make an important contribution to our general well-being with their research. We would not know, for example, that certain types of nutrition can be detrimental to our health or even contribute to the cause of certain diseases.

Nevertheless, despite all the rules and tips on nutrition, we should not forget our own body sensation. Because our body knows exactly what or how much it needs at any given moment. Therefore, it is advisable for all of us to trust our body and develop a better feeling for whether we are hungry or  have appetite or  are just thirsty, for example. So let us ask ourselves: What tastes good, what is good for me? What is perhaps not good for me?

Auf den eigenen Körper hören


Examples of this are when the body knows exactly what it needs and nutritional rules would take a back seat: A hot summer’s day, when the desire for fluids is particularly great. Something juicy, slightly sweet is just the right thing. Also the days and weeks after Christmas, when you feel more like fruit and vegetables and less like something sweet or fatty.

But not only what, but also how much our body wants, it tells us. Although our portion sizes are strongly influenced by external factors, only we ourselves know when we are really full. The feeling of satiety occurs after about 15-20 minutes. So if you eat too fast and take in too much, you may end up eating too much. You can avoid this by chewing well and eating slowly. So we should stop eating when we are full and not force ourselves to gulp down the last bite. Any leftover food can simply be stored in boxes and/or in the refrigerator.

Listen to your own body ! Let’s trust in our own body sensation and learn to distinguish appetite from hunger and thirst and to pay attention to sufficient quantities. Of course, we should not completely ignore long-standing and frequently tested nutritional tips. Therefore we have linked the 10 rules of the German Society for Nutrition HERE.

And also on the blogpage of the Salzburg Grain Mills you can find articles about nutrition.

That was: Listen to your own body