Listen to your own body

As probably most of us know, in this day and age there are tons of diet rules and nutrition tips. And that is basically a good thing. After all, it is not for nothing that we have nutritionists and the like whose research makes an important contribution to our general well-being. We would not know, for example, that certain diets can be detrimental to health or even contribute to certain diseases.

But still, with all the rules and tips on nutrition should not forget about their own body image. Because our body knows very well what or how much it needs at the moment. That’s why we are all encouraged to trust the body and develop a better and better sense of whether we are hungry or appetite, for example, or simply thirsty. So let’s ask ourselves: What tastes good to me, what is good for me? What is possibly not good for me? Listen to your own body

Examples of when the body knows exactly what it needs and nutrition rules take a back seat would be: A hot summer day when the craving for fluids is particularly strong. Something juicy and slightly sweet is just the right thing. Likewise, the days and weeks after Christmas, when you again have more desire for fruits and vegetables and less on sweets or fatty.

But not only what, but also how much our body wants, it tells us. Although our portion sizes are strongly influenced by external factors, only we ourselves know when we are truly full. The feeling of satiety occurs only after about 15-20 minutes. So, if you eat too fast and you overindulge, you may end up eating too much. You can avoid this with good chewing and slow eating. So we should stop eating when we are full and not force ourselves to gulp down the last bite. Leftovers can be easily stored in boxes and/or in the refrigerator.

Listen to your own body ! Let’s trust our body feeling and learn to distinguish appetite from hunger and from thirst as well as to pay attention to sufficient quantities. Of course, we should not completely leave out nutrition tips that have been studied for many years and often. For this we have 10 rules of the German Society for Nutrition HERE link.

And also on the
Blog of the Salzburg Grain Mills
you will always find contributions on the topic of nutrition.

That was: Listening to your own body

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