Leni the cat

Leni the cat: I must tell you a very unusual story centered on a little cat:

The 5-member "dog troop"
The 5-member “dog troop”
Leni loves her muesli
Leni loves her muesli

Leni the cat must be a very brave, fearless cat because she quite simply, without asking for long, joined a 5-member dog group that was walking with her mistress.
She was about half a year old at that time and as it turned out, without family connection. Leni has shown a lot of courage and assertiveness and has steadfastly resisted all attempts to get rid of her.
After some initial difficulties (of course only for the dogs), the 4 poodles and the Labrador got used to Leni and now form a 6-member, cuddly dog family. Leni, at least I think, has meanwhile forgotten that she is a cat.
She is with us on every walk or trip by car, no matter how long, and of course on vacation.

And now comes the point why Leni’s story appears here on our mill site.

Leni is a muesli fan, a real wholefood freak. She loves oatmeal and waits impatiently every morning for her allotted portion.
But not only that: cats have a mega good ear and when Leni the cat hears that a piece of wholemeal bread is being cut off, there’s no stopping her. Then they don’t just beg until something falls off, they also alert the entire dog team for reinforcement and bring them over.
As it belongs in a real family, the two- and four-legged friends share the food honestly.

walk with the group of 5 "dogs"
walk with the group of 5 “dogs”

And what do we learn from history:

Not only dogs, but also cats love muesli, whether made from meal or flakes.
I thank Mrs. Regina for telling me, on the occasion of a conversation about our mills, this wonderful story.
In the future, Leni will enjoy not only whole-wheat bread, but whole-wheat bread made from natural stone-ground flour. Will she feel the difference? Clever she is!

2 thoughts on “Leni the cat”

  1. Ich bin immer wieder begeistert, wenn ich von Leni lesen darf. Ich kenne die spannende Geschichte, wie Leni in die Hundefamilie kam. Ich wünschte mir, dass mir so eine Katze einmal über den Weg läuft. – I am always thrilled when I get to read about Leni. I know the exciting story of how Leni came into the dog family. I wish that such a cat would run across my path one day.

  2. Regine Reichel

    …das ist ja soooo süß, wir haben eben nochmal nach unserem zukünftigen Schätzchen geschaut und haben unser Lenchen und die tolle Geschichte gefunden! Vielen Dank, das haben Sie wunderbar geschrieben. Wir freuen uns schon total und sind sehr gespannt, wann die MT 12 bei uns einzieht. Wir müssen uns noch einen schönen Namen für die Mühle aussuchen, vielleicht nennen wir sie ja Leni 😉
    Ganz herzliche Grüße von der ostfriesischen Nordseeküste,
    Regine Reichel und Frank Werth mit dem Tierrudel

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