Kneading with the Ankarsrum Assistant Original

In the 7 l stainless steel bowl you can process up to 5 kilos of bread dough. Whether heavy sourdough, yeast dough or light shortcrust or sponge dough, this kneading machine is perfectly equipped for all types of dough.

Even with heavy dough types, a particularly evenly kneaded mass is produced either by dough hooks or by a mixing roller.

It all depends on the right twist! Unlike conventional food processors, the Ankarsrum stands out with its very special twist!

It is not the mixing tools that ensure the efficient and clean processing of the dough, but the bowl that revolves around itself! This results in an optimal application of force to the ingredients and the dough.

The bowl is mounted above the motor and gearbox, so the bowl rotates around itself, rather than the attachment (such as a whisk) as is common with other food processors. This results in an optimal application of force to the ingredients and ensures a homogeneously kneaded dough mass. This design also makes kitchen work easier, as the ingredients are easier to pour in from the top. Together with this sophisticated turning technique, a powerful 1500 watt motor works instead of your hands.

Dough scrapers ensure that all ingredients are constantly brought together in the middle so that the dough hook can process them optimally. With the Ankarsrum Assistant Original, the often necessary manual reworking is no longer necessary.

We have taken a close look at a wide variety of kneading machines and the Ankarsrum met our requirements.

Ankarsrum Assistant Original in basic package for all baked goods

  • 7 l stainless steel bowl for making up to 5 kg of dough.
  • Dough roller
  • Dough scraper
  • Dough spatula
  • Dough hook
  • 3.5 l plastic bowl
  • Planetary mixer with double whisk and shortbread mixer

Thus equipped the Ankarsrum not only works the dough evenly and homogeneously, you can also whip soy cream and beaten egg whites stiff. The 3.5 l plastic bowl with the planetary mixer with double whisk and shortbread stirrer is best suited for this.

You can see how the bowl turns around itself here:

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