Is my bread 100% whole grain?

Is my bread 100% whole grain?

Is my bread 100% whole grain?

For those who know the advantages of bread from whole grains and therefore prefer to buy whole grain bread, it is called: Eyes up when buying bread! Because how do you know what’s really in the bread you buy? Are there any sales tricks to watch out for? In today’s post, we’ll let you know more about this topic.

Bread sold as whole wheat in stores does not have to be 100% whole wheat flour. The minimum content of flour from the whole grain is 90%. The remaining 10% can be low-milled flours or even leftover bread.[1]

What also happens very often is that bread made from white flour is simply dyed dark. To make it more “attractive” for the Is my bread 100% whole grain?consumer and even to deceive him that it is “healthier”, the white bread – which has fewer vitamins and minerals than wholemeal bread – is given a dark color. For example, sugar couleur is added. Sugar couleur is a black food coloring. However, it is not only used in the production of breads. In fact, the best-known examples are probably cola drinks.

So if you want to be sure you have whole wheat bread made from 100% whole wheat flour, you should either take a close look at the ingredient list or ask the seller.

A tip from us: If the bread has a dark color, but you do not know the ingredients, then pay attention to the weight! Dyed white bread is much lighter than a real whole wheat bread.

And the best way to be sure that your bread is 100% whole grain is to bake it yourself. Because there you finally decide for yourself which flour to use.

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Have a great day and here we have another whole wheat walnut bread recipe for you >>

[1] Koerber, K., Männle, T., Leitzmann, C. (2004): Whole food nutrition : conception of a contemporary and sustainable diet. Stuttgart: Haug, p. 241

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