Industrially produced bread

if breads are not baked by hand by the baker, but produced in masses in factories, then it is obvious that this is much faster and also standardized, with machines. Now, to make the breads almost “perfect, as if made by hand”, additives can make this possible.

According to bread professor Hr. Jahreis from the University of Jena not harmful to health, but often unnecessary.

In his interview with “der Welt”(, he says that legislators would not allow substances of concern.

Additives added to breads include, for example, whey powder. It makes the bread taste better and helps to get an “unnatural” browning of the crust. Malt extract or sugar couleur are also used to color white breads brown so that they are mistaken for whole grain breads. Another example is vitamin C powder, which can be used to make the dough smoother.

The question is not whether these additives are harmful to health or not, but whether bread made from white flour is not pretended to be valuable wholemeal bread to the consumer here.

If you want to be on the safe side and have healthy bread completely without additives, the only way is to go to a baker you trust or to grind flour with your own Salzburg grain mill and organic cereals and bake natural fresh bread yourself.


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