Important information about corn

About corn:

An interesting information for our German customers and an important one for our Italian customers: There are many different types of corn. In Italy more than in other countries (such as Marano, Nostrano di Storo or Zahnmais), which can be easily compared with the mills of the Salzburg grain mills such as MT5, MT12, MT18, MH4, MH8, MAX) can be ground. Many of these old varieties of corn, now rediscovered, are very popular. The grains are hard after drying, but you can still grind them. Some, however, are hard but oily. This is the reason why we advise against grinding them, because they smear the grindstone. Further grinding will be difficult.

However, it is important to know with all types of corn that the so-called “popcorn corn” must not be milled at all, because it has been treated and smears the millstone in such a way that further work is made difficult.

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