If you are planning to buy a mill or eyes open when buying cheese!

As you know, cheese, along with grains, is my favorite food. Hmmm..
But since good cheese is not cheap, I think very carefully about what cheese I buy.

But how can I order cheese if I can’t taste it beforehand???
So I need to find out as much as I can about the object of my future culinary delights.

And that’s not very easy, because often a cheese is pretty packaged and a learned cheese connoisseur I am not. How should I make the right decision?
If I only look at the outside, then I can be quite wrong. Unfortunately, I have had to experience this several times in the course of my long life as a mouse.

So I look at the composition and ingredients, check the best-before date carefully and also look at where my little cheese comes from.
The more money I spend, the more I study and think back and forth.

What matters to me most are the ingredients, the materials: I don’t like cheese with a lot of artificial additives. And that’s where I have to pay particularly close attention, because you can’t see that at first glance.

Eyes open when buying cheese – says the mouse mind!

And when it comes to my cheese – there’s only one cheese – Salzburg cheese!

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