How to save time while cooking (part 2)

How to save time while cooking (part 2)

In last week’s post we already shared tips with you that help to save time in cooking through good preparation. Because being well prepared is often already half the battle. A short summary of the tips: Stock up on food that will last you a long time and save you a trip to the supermarket. Collect recipes so that you don’t have to search for them before cooking. And keep your dishes simple – it doesn’t always have to be a three-course meal.

Today we focus on saving time while cooking and again we have three great tips for you: How to save time while cooking (Part 2)

  • Keep tidiness: With tidiness in the kitchen, you can save a lot of time while you’re cooking. Only leave kitchen appliances on the kitchen surface that you actually use. Here you could also ask yourself if owning one or the other appliance is really necessary.
    Keep similar foods together so you know exactly where to find what. It might also help you – for example with spices – if you label certain foods.
    Wash used appliances or other kitchen utensils while cooking, e.g. while pasta is cooking.


  • Make it easy on yourself: Also make it easy on yourself during the cooking process, for example by not peeling certain vegetables where the peel is edible. You can also always go back to tins. Tinned tomatoes or chickpeas can be opened quickly and used directly. You can save a long time of boiling or pre-cooking.


  • Cook for two meals: Make double the amount right away. There is not much extra work during cooking, but it saves an incredible amount of time the next day. Because instead of going back to the kitchen and cooking, you can either heat up the dish at home, or take it to work, university or anywhere else. Freezing would also be a possibility. And if there is absolutely no time for cooking, you can save time by simply defrosting the dish or warming it up.

Maybe one or the other tip is helpful for you and you can take it with you.

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