How to grind Corn

How to grind Corn

In our last blog post you already learned, that corn is a very diverse grain and you can make polenta, oil or popcorn out of it. But corn can also be used as flour. You can make cornflour bread, tortillas or use it as a good gluten-free alternative to other flours.

You can easily grain the corn with our Salzburger Grain Mills, like the MT5, MT12, MT18, MH4, MH8, Max and the Max Special. The grains will be hard after you dry it, but it is still possible to grain them.

But you need to be very careful with hard grains which have an oily consistency! It will be difficult to grain this oily texture and it is better to avoid those kinds of grains.

You also need to be aware of, that it is not possible to grain Popcorn. This type of corn got a special treatment. It will smear the grindstone and

it is hard to grind any further.

However, our Salzburger Grain Mills will grain finest Cornflour which is excellent for gluten-free recipes.


We wish you a lot of fun with grinding!


Have a lovely day !


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