How much protein does grain contain?

How much protein does grain contain?

Who consumes which protein when and how much is a frequently discussed topic – not only among athletes and people interested in nutrition. After all, nutrition affects all of us. And who would have thought that grain also contains a lot of protein?

In most cases, grain and grain products such as bread or pasta are thought to mostly contain carbohydrates, which is true. In terms of quantity, carbohydrates make up the largest part of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats). They provide energy. Also the dietary fibers and the important vitamins and minerals in the whole grain should not be forgotten as components.

But now to the actual question: How much protein does grain contain?

First of all: proteins serve our body primarily to build body substances and are therefore of particular importance to us. The basic components of proteins are amino acids that are combined with each other. Proteins are of great importance because some of these amino acids are essential for the human body.

The content of protein in grain and grain products is between 7 and 13 %. This protein content is relatively high compared to other foods of plant origin. [1]

Examples: How much protein does grain contain?

  • 100g wholemeal oat flakes: 12.5g protein
  • 100g wholemeal rye flour: 10.8g protein
  • and 100g amaranth: 14.6g protein

As you can see, there’s a lot of protein in the grain, too.

“All cereal products taken together provide around 25 to 30 percent of our daily protein requirements and are therefore among our most important sources of protein.” [2] Only if we consume enough whole grain and whole grain products.

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