How can you recognize an organic food?

How can you recognize an organic food?

How can you recognize an organic food?

To really be sure that a food is organic, there are certain labels that must be indicated. Often, labels such as “from environmentally friendly farming”, “directly from the farmer” or “from happy chickens” mislead us. All this, in fact, has nothing to do with the labeling of real organic food.

There are three mandatory indications that an organic product must have: the EU organic logo, the code number of the organic inspection body and the origin of the processed ingredients of agricultural origin. In addition to the mandatory organic labels, other organic logos may also appear on the packaging (e.g. the AMA quality mark or the Bio-Austria guarantee).

For example, the code number of the organic inspection body could look like this: AT-BIO-302. AT would stand for Austria, the country where the inspection was carried out. BIO stands for the reference to organic farming. The three-digit number can be used to identify the respective control point.

If a food product is allowed to display the EU organic logo, it means that it meets the requirements of the EU organic regulations. These regulations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 95% of the ingredients were of agricultural origin organic.
  • The product does not contain or was not produced from genetically modified organisms.
  • Compliance with the specifications is checked at least once a year by an independent inspection body.

The designations “organic”, “ecological”, “bio-” or “öko-” are limited to just these controlled organic foods. How can you recognize an organic food?

How can you recognize an organic food? As you can see, there are clear regulations on how to label an organic food product. Now you can pay attention to the labels yourself and maybe your next purchase will be more exciting than you thought …

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We hope you learned something new again today!

We wish you a beautiful autumn day!


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