Hello and listen – I have something important to report!

Even in the life of a mouse, it is important to be always up to date and well informed. And since I’m a modern Berti, I sometimes look at the Internet writing about grindstones for grain mills.

Either some mill sellers or bloggers do not know which mumpitz they are writing, or are deliberately cheating? Because, what you read there, I was shocked by what I read. The grain fellt out of my hand ….”Natural stone mix” for example. Is that like the egg-laying woolly milk pig?

Stone mix! What is that? Is that the name for the synthetically produced corundum ceramic grinding stones? I have to protest! stones

Because they have never seen a naturally grown corundum (as it is mined in Crete, for example) in their short stone lives. I write short stone life because this stones are not created over centuries or even over millennia in the mountains. Corundum ceramic millstones are fired like porcelain in the oven.

It exists, of course, naturally grown corundum, but it is not used to make the artificial millstones. That is not done!

So what is this corundum ceramic millstone now? Is this a nature-art mix?

No! This mixture does not exist and no matter how you try to talk about the artificial stone of course – the corundum ceramic grinding stones are and remain artificially manufactured stones whose main component is aluminum oxide.

No question: The corundum ceramic stones grind well, long and also very fine – but are therefore still no natural stones. And no natural stone mixtures! That must be said, mouse clear!

Greetings – Your Berti, who is looking forward to the spring!


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