Our Hand-Mill MH 8 with granite mill stones

Please consider the purchase of a hand mill carefully.

Grinding by hand is WORK and not pleasure.

Grinding by hand requires corresponding strength and time.
Grinding with an electric mill is a pleasure, because you get the flour you need in no time and in the finest quality.

We do not want you to make a bad purchase. Hand mills often cause disappointment and end up in the cellar or in a box.

For everyday needs, I strongly advise you to buy an electric grinder – unless you have enough time, enough power, and the right mental attitude for grinding with the power of your hands.

In any case, a hand mill is useful for times of crisis WITHOUT ELECTRICITY, if there is enough time to grind.

An electric grain mill will give you pleasure in the kitchen for decades and contributes sensibly to a healthy diet.

VAT is included in the price for all EU countries.
For all NON-EU-Countries (such as Switzerland – USA – Australia) the price is displayed without VAT!
IMPORTANT: Legally valid is THE amount that is displayed in the shopping cart at the end of the order!

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