Habermus – the cereal porridge according to Hildegard von Bingen

Hildegard von Bingen recommends eating this cereal porridge for breakfast, because the habermus contains many important carbohydrates, fats and proteins that give the body a lot of energy for the day.

For preparation:

Bring 2 cups of spelt meal together with 2 cups of water to a boil and then let the porridge continue to swell in about 15min. Add a little cinnamon and galangal and 2 tsp honey and simmer again for 5 min. Then squeeze lemon juice of half a lemon into the habermus. Finally, add an apple, cut into small pieces. A few almond flakes or psyllium seeds can also be sprinkled on top.

With this Habermus after Hildegard von Bingen you have a delicious breakfast and a good start to the day!

PS. If you want more tips from Hildegard von Bingen, check out what she has to say about spelt.




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