Manufacturer's guarantee of the Salzburger Getreidemühlen

Status: 01.01.2022

Salzburger grain mills are equipped withmany years of experience manufactured and controlled. The grain mills are designed and constructed for private household use. Only household quantities may be processed. Commercial mills are an exception to this rule.

The mills are to be operated in accordance with the operating instructions and are intended for milling the types of grain and similar grains specified in the operating instructions. The grains must be clean and fit for human consumption.

Any other use of the mills is considered improper and AGRISAN GMBH assumes no liability for any resulting consequences.

Warranty for granite millstones: 24 years*.

Warranty for household mills: 12 years warranty

Warranty for industrial mills: 2 years warranty

*24 years on breakage and eruption of stone particles when the mill is used according to the operating instructions and manufacturer’s specifications. The granite stones will be replaced free of charge if the grinding performance is impaired by breakage or chipping. In addition, we guarantee that we will regrind natural stones free of charge within a guarantee period of 12 years if the mill has been used for its intended purpose and this should be necessary.

Before you return the device:

However, before you send the device to us, we ask you for a short E-mail or your phone call.

It could be a small thing or an operator error, something we can easily solve. This will save your mill an unnecessary transport load.

  1. Warranty Terms:

The warranty applies to all verifiable defects in materials and workmanship occurring during the selected warranty period and is for replacement, repair or refund at the manufacturer’s option. It does not include compensation for consequential damage, does not apply in the event of loss or natural wear and tear or in the event of damage resulting from the use of force, improper use or lack of or improper care. In case of interventions which are not carried out by our company or by persons authorized by us, the warranty expires.  The warranty is valid in the entire European EU area for devices intended for European delivery in the EU area.

Fragile parts are excluded from the warranty. Wood is a living material and small cracks may appear in the wooden casing. These are not considered material defects.

Of course, in the event of a defect, you retain your statutory warranty rights at all times, which you can assert against us independently of the warranty and which are not restricted by the warranty.

Legal rights are not restricted by the guarantee.

A warranty provided does not extend or renew the warranty period.

  1. Warranty Processing:
  • Repairs of material and processing defects within the warranty period will of course be carried out completely free of charge.
  • We require the purchase receipt/invoice to enforce the warranty.
  • Please also include information about the problem to be fixed and provide us with your phone number so that we can contact you if necessary.
  • The device is to be sent well packed and insured to our address. Please send only the mill with lid.
  • The transport and shipping costs shall be borne by the customer.
  • After repair or service, we will return the device to you free of charge.
  1. Packing

If it is necessary to return your mill, please pack it in the original carton or, if possible, in a strong enough carton with sufficient protection. Please use sufficient stuffing material such as newspapers, cardboard boxes, etc.

Warrantor and warranty address:

Gasteigweg 25
5400 Hallein

Tel. +43 6245 83282

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