What to consider before grocery shopping – Berti’s useful tips


Hello everybody,

here is Berti! Since I am a conscious living mouse, I both eat healthy as well as I pay attention how I do my grocery shopping. If I buy consciously, it benefits my health and the environment. In addition, I can also save money. I have put together useful tips for you to consider before buying groceries:

  • Check at home what you have left. Are there any staple foods that need to be purchased? I recommend you to buy food, such as grain, pasta, cane sugar, rice etc. in large quantities. This is not only cheaper, but also generates significantly less waste.


  • Make a cooking plan for the next few days or even the next week. Also consider the following questions:

o How can I make my diet as varied as possible? Can I get ideas in cookbooks, on the internet or even from friends or family?

grocery shopping

o Which fruits and vegetables are currently in season? It would be best to select fresh fruits and vegetables at the (super)market.

o Are there special offers at the moment?


  • Write a shopping list and write down only what you really need.


  • When you go shopping, take care not to leave the house with empty stromach. Hunger may entice you to buy things you do not need.


  • Take enough time for your grocery shopping. Buying consciously is the alpha and omega. Buying in stress can lead to “bad buys”. Because if you only buy what you need and what you can also use, you avoid that food is going bad and must be thrown away.


  • To save on packaging, carry cloth bags, baskets and / or folding boxes with you for transport.


  • Consider the following: Is there a farm near you where you can get fresh milk and eggs? Does a weekly market take place in the area? Is it easier to buy unpacked, fresh, regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables there than in the supermarket?


That’s it from my side. Did my tips make you start thinking? Or do you already do your grocery shopping preparation like me?

Berti wishes you a nice day and a conscious next grocery shopping!


And here you can find the recipe for an Austrian dessert with fresh blue berries! 



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