Grind corn

So, as we learned last week, not only can corn be used to make polenta, oil, or popcorn, but cornmeal can be used in a variety of ways: whether in cornbread, tortillas, or simply as a gluten-free alternative to flour made from other grains.

The corn can be ground without any problems with the mills of Salzburger Getreidemühlen such as MT5, MT12, MT18, MH4, MH8, MAX and MAX Spezial. Although the grains are hard after drying, you can still grind them. Maximum care should be taken with hard and highly oily grains. Since further grinding becomes difficult, grains containing oil should be avoided.

However, it is important to know with all types of corn that you must not grind the so-called “popcorn corn” at all, because it has been treated and smears the grindstone in such a way that further work is made difficult.

Nevertheless, our Salzburg grain mills grind fine corn flour, which is excellent for gluten-free recipes.

So have fun grinding!

Here you can still get to our gluten-free recipes.


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