Grain mill stories

In our grain mill stories, long-time owners of a Salzburg grain milltell their extraordinary and personal experiences in relation to their mill.

  • For example, wholefoods pioneer Marc Gallus, who takes an unplanned trip down memory lane. Accompanied by many feelings memories.
  • Or how one of our MT 5 grain mills sails around the world on the board of a yacht.
  • The story of the little cat Leni, who thinks she is a dog, will probably make you smile.
  • For Mrs. F., her Salzburg grain mill has been a part of her life for such a long time. Culinary pleasure and wholesome food are part of her life, as is her grain mill.

You may ask yourself: what does all of this have to do with a grain mill? You will find the answer when reading each of the following blog posts.

6 children, 1 mill and a ferry trip with a turning point This mill story begins on a ferry trip from Italy

Article of the Salzburger Nachrichten from March 22, 2022 by IRIS BURTSCHER – PICTURE: © SN/robert ratzer More and more want to

Friday, 27.8.2021 Morning Today I would like to tell you about timeless things, my lovely grain mill!! I’m about to grind buckwheat

Leni the cat: I must tell you a very unusual story centered on a little cat: Leni the cat must be a

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