Grainmill stories

In our mill stories, long-time owners of a Salzburg flour mill tell their extraordinary and personal experiences in connection with their mill.

  • Like whole foods pioneer Marc Gallus, who takes an unplanned trip down memory lane. Accompanied by many feelings memories.
  • Or how a grain mill MT 5 sails around the world with a yacht.
  • The story of the little cat Leni, who believes she is a dog, makes you smile.
  • Her Salzburg grain mill is a part of her life for Ms. F. that has been with her for so long. Enjoyment and wholesome food, like her grain mill, are part of her life for Ms. F.

You may ask: what does this have to do with a flour mill? You’ll find out the answer as you read each blog article.

Leni the cat: I must tell you a very unusual story centered on a little cat: Leni the cat must be a

Today we want to tell you the mill story of Ms. SF, a loyal and satisfied customer who was hers many years

Story by whole foods pioneer Marc Gallus: Many families are familiar with the situation: the daughter or son leaves the house and

As a child, I can well remember when mom ground grain in the kitchenin the evening and this sound gave me a

Our mill goes on a journey Today we would like to tell you the story of our Salzburg grain mill, which goes

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