General information about grinding

In principle, you can grind all dry seeds without any problems, such as wheat, spelt, rye. Oats are already relatively oily and must be coarsely ground. Spices are best mixed with the grain and simply grind it.

Corn, for example, can also be ground with smaller mills if it is first ground coarsely and then finely in another pass. First start the engine and let the corn trickle in. If the corn is particularly large, you may need to help a little with your finger to get the kernels through the funnel to the grinding stones.

If you don’t know whether the grain you want can be milled, we will be happy to help. However, in order to advise you properly, it is sometimes necessary for you to send us a sample in the appropriate quantity.

It is important for us to know in which quantities and in which period of time you want to grind the ground material.

We then try out which mill with which millstone is best suited for this.

Completely free of charge of course! Of course, we will also send you a grinding sample so that you can check whether the grinding result meets your expectations.

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