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Ancient wheat as well as old grist and grain. They not only sell the original grain but also regularly create new specialties such as sourdough bread, noodles and other pasta as well as craft beer.
Urkorn Austria is actively committed to preserving the original grain.

Vegan Star
Vegan Star Vital is a device for the production of vegan drinks such as soy drinks, nut drinks, grain drinks, baby food, vegetable soups and much more

Vitamix smoothie mixer
Our website gives you an overview of our entire range. This includes the original Salzburg grain mills, Agrisan grain mills, Vitamix, juicers, bread makers and much more.
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Silurian stone art – Austrian stones brought into shape. – Mag. Gabriele Köchl
Cooking is more than just providing food for the guests. Eating and drinking well are important for the mind and well-being. This can be the simple snack in an alpine hut, the trout from the stream, the herbs from your own garden, a home-distilled from hand-picked fruits.
The interest and passion have long been in the local wild plants, fruits and mushrooms, especially their history and use in the kitchen! According to Mrs. Mag. Köchl, it is very important to her to revive the old knowledge about our wild herbs and wild fruits and to pass it on in an entertaining and tasty way.

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Natura Vita – living mindfully & naturally
Selected products made from natural materials based on ecological and social criteria

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