Open your eyes when buying a mill!

Eyes wide open On grain mill purchasing!

What distinguishes the Salzburger Grain Mill?

1. native, solid and untreated wood instead of Plastic

Milling chamber made of domestic, solid and untreated wood

The grinding chamber …

… is made of domestic, untreated beech wood,

This is where the grain is milled! This means that no synthetic material can get into the flour, even through friction of the grains against the side wall. In the grinding chamber, your grain and flour only come into contact with wood (except the stone carrier and grinding stone).

Salzburg flake master 2020 funnel

Housing and funnel …

… are made from domestic, untreated beech, oak or walnut wood. manufactured

On the outside, the funnel and the housing are glazed with natural, organic beeswax oil and thus protected against environmental influences.

woodkm3jpgWood has anti-static properties!
Flour was in a grinding chamber
ground from wood
(View in a glass bowl)

Plastic 0956Friction with plastic can cause
electrostatic charging

Flour was in a grinding chamber
milled from plastic
(View in a glass bowl)

2. granite grinding stones - without chemical additives instead of artificial corundum-ceramic grinding stones

Salzburger grain mill max without plastics grinding stone

We are the only manufacturer offering natural millstones for electrical household mills.

Based on our decades of experience, we are convinced of the value of natural millstones.

Unlike artificial millstones, granite stones must be worked by hand.

Each pair of stones is unique

Durable – almost breakage and chipping proof – self-sharpening – no artificial abrasion in the flour.

We therefore grant a 24 year warranty on breakage or break out of stone particles. Free sharpening of granite millstones (if required) within a 12 year warranty period

Artificial corundum-ceramic millstones are out of question for us!

Corundum ceramic grinding stones – main component Artificially produced corundum
Corundum (alumina Al2O3) used to come from natural deposits (eg Naxos Island, Greece). It is a very hard, artificially manufactured mineral for abrasives today. Various degrees of purity can be achieved during the production in the melting process: from dark brown normal corundum to white precious corundum. In order to influence the properties (eg toughness, chipping ability) of the precious corundum in the desired manner, certain elements such as chromium or zirconium are incorporated in a controlled manner into the crystal lattice and the different types of precious corundum with the corresponding colors are formed.

3. the proven coarse-fine adjustment

grobfein pfeil

The proven coarse/fine adjustment is child’s play to operate with one hand


At the mills

  • Carina,
  • MAX,
  • MAX Special
  • and MT 5

Coarse/fine adjustment is achieved by lifting and lowering of the lower millstone. You turn the wooden knob on the side.
The grinding fineness can also be adjusted during grinding.

4. the stainless steel thread

With a service life of more than 40 years based on experience.

Bild 060 gewinde stahl

The mill series

  • MT 5 ED
  • MT 12
  • and MT 18

Guarantees the finest flour for decades.

NO change in flour fineness during milling.

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