Extravagant bread spices

Following the article on “classic” bread seasonings, it should be said that other ingredients can often be added to bread to vary the taste of freshly baked bread.

Almost everyone knows the taste and smell of the bread spice classics caraway, fennel, anise and coriander.

Extravagant bread spices

But the interested housewife and the experimental baker have at their disposal far more spices and optional ingredients for even more flavor and exclusive taste.

Just try it is the motto, because in addition to extravagant bread spices such as cardamom, chili, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, pepper, fenugreek, sesame , star anise and sesame are also interesting additions.

Whether flaxseed can be called a spice is a matter of opinion. But flax seeds are definitely a healthy thing for example together with sunflower seeds.

All the grains you use, such as sunflower seeds, linseed or sesame seeds, should be soaked overnight in lukewarm water and only then added to the bread dough. A shot of beer (preferably Hefeweizen beer) gives a rye roll the right spice.

You simply mix these spices into the spice blend you know from the four classics. But of course, there are no limits to the imagination: Wild herbs can also harmonize and create a slightly different flavor nuance. Here we call dandelion and nettle.

Today especially popular is the addition of olives and nuts, but also cheese, honey, onions, etc..

Did you know that bread with nuts should be cut at the earliest after 6 – 8 hours?

The full flavor of the nuts needs this time to fully develop. Before you get to work, however, you should test out which ingredients go together and also take note of whether the spices you have in mind fit your bread recipe!

Spices are like salt in soup – be careful not to oversalt your bread.

For 1 kg of flour you will need no more than 2 teaspoons of salt, which is best mixed with the spices and flour.

You may not have known it yet, but salt inhibits germ rising.

At the very end it should be said that you could also taste once the pure taste of your bread, whether from rye or spelt. A pure bread, without any additives is a subject in itself. Pure taste!

Here you come to the article about the “classic” bread spices: https://www.getreidemuehle.com/de/der-duft-von-brot-ist-wie-duft-der-heimat/

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