Einkorn – an ancient grain rich in minerals

Einkorn is one of the original cereals, which was already cultivated several thousand years ago. It developed in the Orient and reached Europe through the ancient trade routes. After that it was displaced by spelt and wheat. Today it comes back more and more in the “trend”.
Like other ancient cereals, Einkorn is a grain that is very undemanding in cultivation and resistant to pests. Einkorn – along with oats, rye, wheat, barley, etc. – belongs to the sweet grasses.

Did you already know where the Einkorn gets its name from? Einkorn - an ancient grain rich in minerals

The ears are the upper part of the grain, where the grains are found. These are very flat in Einkorn, there is only one grain on each side.

The yield of Einkornis not very high, but it contains more proteins and minerals (magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese). Einkorn also contains beta-carotene. This is also the reason why it has a yellowish color – especially when ground.

Einkorn – a mineral-rich ancient grain is also characterized by a particularly creamy, nutty taste.

Einkorn promotes intestinal health due to the fiber content and is therefore easily digestible. It can have a preventive effect on cardiovascular and diabetic diseases. In general, these health-promoting properties apply not only to Einkorn, but also to many other ancient or whole grains.

What is Einkorn suitable for in the kitchen?

Einkorn you can grind without problems with your
Salzburg grain mill
grinder. That is, with Einkornpancakes, cakes and breads in the form succeed perfectly. Einkornis not recommended as a binder, e.g. for dumplings. However, in soups or sauces it is no problem to use Einkorn in the form of flour for binding.

With the
Salzburg flaker
Einkorn can be pressed into perfect flakes without crumbling.

Another option is to sprout the grain and add it to salads. The soft grains can be bitten and chewed raw.

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