Eating hot bread – grandmother warned against it

Eating hot bread – grandmother warned against it

Do you still have the words of your grandmother in your ear that you should not eat fresh hot bread? 


This freshly baked bread that just comes out of the oven is so tempting that you want to eat it right away. It smells so good, the crust looks so crispy. If you then put some butter and honey on this delicious fresh bread and you have an unbelievable feast on your plate.Eating hot bread - grandmother warned against it

So what about the grandmother’s warning?

Nutritionists today say that fresh bread or fresh cakes do not cause any problems if you generally do not have problems with digestion.

If this is not the case, you should be careful with sensitive digestion and eat fresh bread and warm cakes very slowly or even avoid them.

Eating slowly is all there is to do! Because not as previously believed the yeast in the dough is to blame for any complaints (such as stomach pains or flatulence), but the fast consumption of the deliciously fragrant bakeries is. Fresh bakeries are not only deliciously tempting, they are also soft and airy and therefore taste great. This is also the reason why we usually eat too fast and chew too little.

The stomach has harder work to do due to large bread pieces which are often too little pre-digested. When eating fast also a lot of air is “swallowed”, which is not the case with well-chewed food. Well chewed is half digested is an old saying that should be noted especially with bread.

And to avoid misunderstandings: Not only wholemeal bread but also old bread must be chewed properly!

Perhaps the warning of eating fresh hot bread from our mothers and grandmothers was also meant to educate us children to be careful with bread.


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