Eat bread properly – grandmother warned about it

Yet freshly baked bread just out of the oven is so tempting that you want to bite into it immediately. That’s how good it smells coming out of the oven, that’s how crisp the crust looks…. Then a little butter and honey on top and a real feast is on the plate.

So what is really true about the grandmother’s warning?

Today, nutritionists say that fresh bread or fresh cake do not cause problems if you do not have problems with digestion in general.

If this is not the case, then you should be careful if you have a sensitive digestion and eat fresh bread and still warm cakes very slowly or even avoid them altogether.

So eating slowly is the tip! Because it is not the yeast in the dough that is to blame for any discomfort (such as abdominal pain or flatulence), as was previously believed, but the quick eating of the delicious smelling baked goods. Fresh baked goods not only smell tempting, but are also soft and airy and therefore taste especially good. This is also the reason why people usually eat too quickly and chew too little. Thus, larger pieces, often too little predigested, reach the stomach, which then has to do hard work. Eating quickly also causes much more air to be “swallowed” than with well-chewed food.

Well chewed is half digested is an old adage that should be heeded especially with bread.

Attention, so that there is no misunderstanding: not only wholemeal bread or fresh bread, but also stale bread must be chewed properly!

Perhaps our mothers’ and grandmothers’ warnings about fresh bread were also meant to teach us children not only to be mindful of bread, but also to be sensible stewards of bread.

If you still want to know what carbohydrates in bread are all about, then you’ve come to the right place:


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