Detoxify naturally with brine

Detoxify naturally with brine

Drinking a brine water in the morning stimulates digestion and is an easy way to detoxify a bit each day. For this purpose, drink a glass of water enriched with one to three tablespoons of brine.


  • 1 jar with lid
  • 4-5 Himalayan salt chunks, alternatively
  • 4-5 tablespoons coarse-grained salt (80 -100 g)
  • 500 ml filtered or bottled water

Place the salt chunks in the jar and fill with water and wait for the salt to dissolve. The salt only ever dissolves to a 26% solution. There should always be a piece of the salt stone left. So you have a saturated brine that can not spoil. It can now be refilled with water again and again. As long as salt lumps or other salt residues are still present, a saturated brine solution will always result. At the latest when all the salt lumps have completely dissolved, add new salt to the water. You don’t even have to weigh it that carefully, because basically you can’t overdose.

Of course, you should not take this brine-enriched water pure, A teaspoon of your homemade brine in a glass of water is sufficient for the beginning. You drink this brine water in the morning half an hour before breakfast. If you feel like you want to increase, you can also slowly increase the dose. You can also put an appropriate amount of brine C1.5 to 3 tablespoons) in a 1 liter bottle with water and drink this mixture throughout the day. You can also use the brine water to season food or to treat and structure filtered water. To do this, simply add a few drops of brine to your water with the pipette. The minerals In the salt change the structure of the water. Especially if you have an osmosis water system
have, this will bring some minerals into your water.

  • Drink the brine water if you have a headache. So you get more thirst and bring minerals into your cells. Headaches will improve in most cases.
  • You can make an antibacterial mouthwash from your brine water. Simply pour water, brine (to your own taste) and if you like a few drops of 100% natural essential oils in a bottle and use daily or rinse especially for inflammation in the mouth or gargle for sore throat.

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