Delicious spelt bread

You want a recipe for a delicious spelt bread, which tastes good with a sweet and a hearty spread? This recipe is very simple, but you should allow the bread enough time to ferment. Instead of the spelt flour you can also use wheat.

Ingredients:delicious spelt bread

  • 500g spelled wholemeal flour, ground with the Salzburger grain mill
  • 250g spelled flour T700
  • 20g salt
  • 20g bread spice
  • 1EL white vinegar
  • 1TL baking malt
  • 1TL honey
  • 400g warm water
  • 120g buttermilk


First grind the spelt into fine wholemeal flour with the Salzburg grain mill. Then mix with the normal extract flour. Add the salt and bread spice to the dry ingredients before proceeding with the liquid. Put the vinegar, baking malts and honey into the bowl while making sure that the water is heated to about 30-40 degrees. At the end, add the water and the buttermilk to the dough and knead well with the kitchen machine or with your hands for about 6-8 minutes.

You should now leave the dough in a bowl for about 40 minutes, cover it and leave it in a warm environment. After that, the dough must be kneaded softly so that it is prepared for the fermentation basket. If you do not have a fermentation basket, you can immediately bake the bread in a baking pan. Put a lot of flour into the fermentation basket (about 25cm in diameter) and put the bread inside. To ferment, allow the bread to rest for another 10 minutes while preheating the oven to about 220 degrees.

After fermenting, pound the bread onto a baking paper and place it on a baking tray immediately. Bake with steam for the first 10 minutes at 220 degrees. Thereafter, the temperature should be lowered to 200 degrees and baked further for about 35-40 minutes.



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