Delicious mound of mice

Recipe for the biscuit roll


4 eggs, 100g honey, 100g flour (preferably ground with a Salzburger grain mill )

Mix everything together to a smooth dough and spread it about 1 cm on a baking sheet lined with baking paper.

Bake in preheated oven for about 8-10 minutes at about 200-220 degrees until golden brown.

Spread a cloth on the countertop and turn the dough hot from the oven off the baking sheet onto the cloth.

Carefully peel off the baking paper.

Carefully roll up the biscuit with the cloth and let it cool.

Filling as desired (you can also whip cream and infuse with fruit)

Prepare vanilla pudding according to instructions.

Drain 1 jar of cherries.

Roll out 1 package of marzipan to baking sheet size.

Prepare couverture.

Roll out the biscuit and place the marzipan layer, spread with vanilla pudding, spread cherries on top and cover with chocolate glaze.

Then carefully roll everything up again with the help of the cloth.

Decorate the outside as desired and chill.

Recipe for the mouse hill:

Bake a sponge in a springform pan, after cooling divide lengthwise in the middle and place on the cut edges.

Prepare vanilla pudding according to instructions and glue the dough halves together using the pudding.

In the outer surface drill a few holes to hide the mice in it later.

Decorate the mound with chocolate glaze and spread the foam sugar mice on top of the still liquid chocolate glaze or with the help of chocolate glaze

stick the mice in the holes.

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