Corn is a gluten free type of grain and belongs to the sweet grass. Originally C. Columbus brought it to Europe and grew it the first time in Spain. Today, Corn is not just a common food for us humans, it is also a used to feed the farm animals.


A few of you might don’t know, that there are many different types of this grain. In Austria the “Kukurutz” type is quite popular. But there are also types like Hardcorn or, as well known, the Popcorn. In Italy you will find the Marano- Corn, the Nostrano di Storo Corn or the Teeth-Corn.



And you probably want to know which goodness Corn contains and if it is even healthy, don’t you?

Well, the main component of this grain is Water. Also, Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates (Fructose, Glucose and sucrose) are inside that grain.

After a while, sugar is turning into starch, so right after the harvest it will have the sweetest taste.

Next to all those ingredients, this grain is also rich in vitamins and minerals. That fact indicates, that it must be healthy. Especially just after the harvest, fresh Corn will contain most of the good vitamins and minerals. But if you decide to buy it in a can, there are unfortunately not much good ingredients left. An appropriate alternative will be frozen Corn, which still contains a few vitamins and minerals.

We can enjoy this type of grain in many ways. If it comes fresh from the field, you should boil or fry it.

You might also know “Polenta”, which is a kind of a porridge made from Corn and suits perfect as a side dish. Another example is Oil, which is made from the seeds of the grain and an ingredient of our breakfast cereals. And for sure, the probably most popular kind of Corn is the Popcorn, well known in our Cinemas. You can eat it with salt or with sugar. But because of additives like fat, this kind of Corn is not as healthy as the other types.

And yes, it is also possible to produce Cornflour. But one of our next articles will tell you more about that!


We wish you a wonderful day!


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