Cook and bake with oatmeal, oat milk and oat flour

Mit Haferflocken, Hafermilch und Hafermehl kochen und backen

Oats are a sweet grass originally from Asia,

which was cultivated in Central Europe more than two thousand years ago and thus became one of the most important foods of mankind. Unlike other cereals, it does not form ears, but panicles, and its grains are surrounded by husks, which, however, are removed before the oats are sold. Meanwhile, there are even specially bred varieties without husks. Even after removing the husks, it is not peeled, but only husked, so that the vitamins in the outer grain layer are preserved.

This makes oats one of the healthiest cereals native here.

Oats are known as

  • Flakes,
  • Flour,
  • Mark
  • and whole grains

popular in the kitchen. Many delicious recipes can be prepared from different oat products – there is something for everyone!

Oats are a fantastic food that contains many B vitamins and minerals. It contains the vital fatty acids and proteins, and if you eat it regularly, you can reduce the

  • Lower cholesterol level
  • and improve its heart health.

Prepared in various forms, it delivers a nutty flavor to delight the menu. Oatmeal is probably the most popular.

There are several types of oatmeal.

Rolled oats are made from pressed oat grains. In contrast, the easily soluble melt flakes are made from oatmeal. They are excellent for baby food from 6 months of age, or gentle nutrition in case of diet or indisposition, as they dissolve very quickly in liquid.

The best way to flake the oats is with our
Salzburg flake master
. A particularly fine-leaf variety is the oat pulp, which consists of kernels of the grain. It is rich in protein and fiber and contains many B vitamins as well as minerals, just like its coarser relatives.

There are many delicious delicacies that you can prepare from oatmeal, such as.

  • Granola bars,
  • Porridge,
  • Pancakes,
  • Cakes and much more.

You can also make more exotic dishes by adding freshly flaked oatmeal.

It’s a matter of taste which oatmeal you choose: large or small leaf?

The coarse-grained flakes take an average of two minutes longer to cook or soak, but they taste more flavorful and have more bite.

Oatmeal can be added to various meals as desired. For example, they can refine breakfast cereal or yogurt.

You can also simply enter

  • Milk,
  • Juice,
  • Tea
  • or water soaked
  • and with fruit

be topped – delicious!

To prepare porridge, you must first cook the oatmeal. Depending on your taste, you can make the porridge either sweet or savory. For a sweet version it is recommended to add milk and sugar; for a savory version is suitable broth, soup oatmeal is ideal for baking and frying. They make pancakes, oatmeal cookies, waffles and cake bases especially delicious. On the roast they give a delicious crust, while to casseroles give a subtle nutty flavor.

With its fine consistency, the oat pulp is a perfect ingredient for yogurt. It blends easily with other ingredients and can also be used to flavor soups and sauces.

Oatmeal is often an important ingredient in many dishes.

Oat flour is good if you want to mix it with other flours like wheat, as it contains very little gluten. It can be used as an admixture for cakes and cookies or to thicken sauces and soups. However, it is not sufficiently suitable for baking bread and cookies alone, as it contains very little gluten.

Oat milk is the solution!

If you suffer from a milk allergy and still want to drink healthy milk alternatives, oat milk is just what you need. It is prepared from melt flakes, oat flakes or cooked, shredded oat grains and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Therefore, it is a quick and tasty alternative to conventional cow’s milk!

Whole grain products

For those who want it really healthy, there is nothing better than the whole grain of oats. They taste especially good in a broth or soup, but must be simmered for 50 minutes to avoid being too hard.

The best strategies and ideas to get the most out of oat grains

A delicious variant to eat oatmeal is a yogurt with raisins and fruit. If you soften the flakes half an hour before eating them, they taste even better. You can also prepare the breakfast yogurt the night before and put it in the fridge – it’s worth it!

For a particularly tasty version of minced loaves, it is recommended to mix oat flakes instead of breadcrumbs into the minced meat and knead everything well. A crust of oatmeal makes the loaves even crispier and tastier.

Oatmeal is a healthy choice before bed because it is rich in melatonin and other nutrients that regulate blood sugar levels.


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